Broken Hill and district has much for the visitor to experience and enjoy, everything from the relaxed lifestyle, the unique heritage, foods and slang to the breathtaking sunsets and equally amazing art, the "Silver City" welcomes you ...

These are the Cally's recommended attractions, while there are fantastic attractions and experiences all around us, these are our personal picks that we have enjoyed ourselves and think are worth recommending to you.

The Cally recommends Outback Astronomy

This is a new attraction which has just started in Broken Hill and I went along on Friday 4th April and it was fantastic - Highly Recommended -

Spectacular Sky Encounter 

Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the outback sky at night. Enjoy a panoramic sky view as you take a personalised virtual cruise through the Milky Way Galaxy. 

... hang out with the stars

These shows are entertaining and suitable for the night sky novice, concepts are demystified, no confusion, whether you are into space or not, you’ll enjoy the experience!

It’s an encounter of the fun kind!